Cell Therapy : Aesthetic and Anti-aging

     Time make us face with an inevitable change and aging, moreover, pollution, stress and toxins can also accelerate the aging of the cells as well. Signs of aging such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sagging skin, wrinkles, spots, blurred vision, menopause and do not being as energetic as before...

     The above signs are from the newly created cells that cannot keep up with the degenerating and dying cells. These newly created cells are also not identical to the original ones. Therefore, they are a blurred rubber stamp. When many degenerated cells build up, they cause wrinkle and signs of aging.

     Nowadays, most beauty technology provides only temporary treatments or just conceals, or fills only appearance. This is because the cells in our face are still old and damaged cells. Activation by various tools is just stimulating exhausted cells only. The use of injections to reduce wrinkles or filler injections are not be able to reconstruct the cells or yield a truly youthful skin restructuring of the skin to a youthful.

The "Cell" repair "Cell" technology that helps maintain a youthful appearance of your skin naturally: new alternative way to truly solve the "Elderly" skin.


Cell with Aesthetic for:

  • The restoration and nourishment of good skin. Specific areas on face or all over body.
  • Using cells to help tighten and firming the skin, and to fill the cells in the position of skin degeneration.
  • Stem cells also help with a recovering process in those who had done other aesthetic procedures, in particular the Gold Thread Lift.